Sunday, 31 October 2010

Crochet In No Time

Crochet in No Time by Melody Griffiths

This book has turned out to be possibly EVEN MORE generally useful in a very broad way than Griffiths’ other book 201 motifs. It contains patterns for objects, articles and garments across a wide spectrum, from the simplest of scarves, through afghans and shawls at every level, your standard sweaters and tops, even some consummately wearable jewellery, to some very desirable cuddly toys.

I first judged this book by its cover, and bought it for the cardigan pattern on the front – which I haven’t got round to trying yet, as it happens!

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I have, however, made the frill-edged sweater on page 72 and very pleased I am with it too.

After that, just a little bit weary of crocheting the same stitch in the same yarn for so long I turned my attention to the Granny Square hat on page 33. I made a lovely one and gave it to my niece in New Zealand. She looked fabulous in it and took it back home in July to wear right away!

But this hat inspired me to make the leap from making other people’s patterns to ADAPTING them to my own ideas. I made a couple more hats in the same vein, to arguable success, and finally settled on a simple but very effective fan pattern taken straight from the pages of Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker, instead of the granny squares and made my own Winter 2010 slouch hat in alpaca/silk.

I do hope Ms Griffiths is working on another book!

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